Personal Websites: Pages Published by Faculty, Staff and Students

New Mexico State University supportpersonal websites within the network. These personal websites offer the opportunity to list professional work, research, course materials, publications or related materials pertaining to the activities of New Mexico State University. Personal webs pages are available to current NMSU staff and students. Once you depart the university system, your site will be deleted.  

NMSU provides several opportunities for publishing web content that will be available within the NMSU network behind SSO or public-facing on our external network.  In either case, please keep in mind that you are personally responsible for the content – you must abide by all NMSU policies and guidelines. 

This service is not intended for use as an archive of old websites or file storage. All personal websites must conform to the Acceptable Use of ICT Equipment and Resources (ARP 15.11) administrative rule and comply with all NMSU digital policies. 

Terms of use 

  • Not to be used for official or departmental websites 
  • No NMSU logos or marks may be used on personal pages
    (WordPress and Cascade include NMSU branded templates)
  • No selling of goods or services (only non-commercial pages are permitted) 
  • Not to be used for illegal purposes 
  • Does not include threatening, obscene, or harassing materials or be used to harm others or infringe on the rights of other members of the university community 
  • Cannot disrupt or interfere with the normal activities of the university community 

Additional terms of use for public-facing personal pages

  • Faculty should post all course information and/or syllabi in Canvas LMS 

  • All public-facing sites utilizing the “” domain will use the same template, developed by Marketing and Communications – these templates include NMSU logos and branding. 
  • Required Disclaimer: In a conspicuous location on each Personal Website homepage, the author, is required to post the following disclaimer: “This content is provided for the enrichment and instructional use of the author; it is not created or maintained by NMSU.

If any user submits a compliant regarding the content on personal websites, you may be asked to remove the offending content and may require your site to be deleted.  

NOTE: All personal WordPress and Web Hosting is a self-serve service. You are responsible for any content you post online. ICT and MarComm does not provide support or training for personal webpages. There is no official support for Microsoft Sway or Adobe products.

Common Questions

You are allowed to use server-side scripting languages on personal, non-public facing websites utilizing the “” service. Where there is a clear requirement, such as for a graduate student doing research, we treat it as a departmental web site, and ask the student’s supervisor to make an exception request for web space and to take responsibility for the site.
No, NMSU resources may not be used for private commercial gain.  

WordPress and Web Hosting sites are behind SSO. Content on these sites will only be accessible from on-campus or via login with NMSU credentials off campus. 

Public-facing websites are available via our Cascade CMS system.  Please note that as an NMSU staff member or student, you have access to Microsoft Sway and Adobe Spark to create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and simple websites that provide more flexibility in design customization. 


Help me choose…

I WANT: Microsoft Sway or Adobe Spark  WordPress  or “” Cascade
A public web page that anyone can view 
Only people affiliated with NMSU to be able to view my site 
A single web page 
A simple site that doesn’t change much 
A curriculum vitae 
To integrate my outlook mail and drive documents into a website 
A site where I can work with others on a class project 
A professional looking public portfolio 
A blog
A newsletter
A faculty page to list my bio and list of publications and presentations 
List of Research & Creativity, Community Engagement, and International Activities 
Video stories or interactive reports
My own subdomain, i.e. “” 
A webpage for my official NMSU department, program, or college Personal webpages and web hosting solutions are not permitted utilizing these tools per ARP 15.81 – Web Governance. Please refer to the Web Governance Overview for more details regarding requirements and information for publishing and maintaining official NMSU websites.

Microsoft Sway

Adobe Spark


Web Hosting



= Recommended    = Optional

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