Web Template Overview

Please note that the 2014, 2013, and 2005 versions of the NMSU web templates have been discontinued. All new websites and applications in development should be created using new branding standards, effective immediately.

Web templates based on the design and functionality of the current NMSU homepage and Enterprise WordPress theme are available for use by any official unit of NMSU.   No official university website is permitted to use generic WordPress themes or HTML pages that do not adhere to the standards and guidelines provided.

To make it easier for our web presence to remain consistent,  NMSU has adopted Bootstrap for web styles. The current NMSU templates are based on Bootstrap 3 and generally follow Bootstrap HTML and CSS conventions, with some additions and modifications. The components and JavaScript plugins available in Bootstrap are generally available to WordPress users, however implementing them can require knowledge of HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript. Developers developing sites for NMSU should become familiar with these conventions and components in order to better understand the foundations of NMSU’s template.  A preview of the template features and layout examples are provided to aid in the development process.

The templates are designed to provide flexibility for customizing the layout of content and also providing options for determining the location of sidebars and primary content.  Using these templates and stylesheets aid departments and other units of NMSU in ensuring that their websites, as well as web and mobile application development, will be closely tied to the top-level web styles in aesthetics. This helps to create a cohesive overall institutional web presence.

Intended Audience

These templates are designed to be used by:

  • Web Designers & Developers
  • Anyone familiar with HTML and CSS

Usage Guidelines

The web templates are authorized ONLY for use by official NMSU entities and organizations. Any other usage of code or images contained within the template packages is in violation of the NMSU copyright policy as defined in the policy manual (Section 2.80, Paragraph G).

To ensure we have a unified web presence and consistent branding, we require that all sites and applications based on the templates include the institutional identifier in the header as provided in the templates and noted in the Required Elements section of the Web Standards and Guidelines.

Please refrain from closely mimicking the layout and content of the NMSU home page in order to preserve its unique identity as the main online entry point for our institution. The templates provide multiple layout options and are designed to be flexible to meet your needs. We encourage creativity while following our Web Standards and Guidelines.

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