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Web Governance and Administration

The WebComm team is the primary touchpoint for administering and interpreting web governance policy. This includes working with areas that are not in compliance and approving changes to the existing policy.

The WebComm team does not support the following types of sites:

  • Student organizations and club sites (handled by Student Leadership under the Dean of Students)
  • Faculty websites that are hosted on personal hosting environments such as “” or People sites hosted in Cascade CMS.



Web Governance Structure

The Web Governance ARP 15.81 was revised in June of 2020  that states MARCOMM, with the concurrence of the Chancellor’s Office, will establish a system-wide Web Governance Structure ; as well as establish SOPs, forms and checklists or other tools to facilitate the implementation, application, and enforcement of the approved design and content standards ( e.g.  brand, logo), for consistency amongst all Official NMSU Websites, social presence, and other digital displays representing the university.

Effective July 2020, our web governance structure consists of an external/public-facing web presence and a controlled internal/non-public web  presence for Official NMSU Websites. All unofficial, NMSU hosted websites will be considered non-public facing.

Type of Network Public Private/VPN
Accessibility Anyone Anyone with NMSU credentials or On-Campus
Information Sharing Information can be shared with anyone across the world Information can be shared securely within the university
Domain Name Sub-domain to ""
directory structure* website

*Some websites may continue to use vanity URLs if they do not have a public website.
Content Management System (CMS) Cascade CMS WordPress

Web templates based on the design and functionality of the current NMSU homepage and Enterprise WordPress theme are available for use by any official unit of NMSU.  No official university website is permitted to use generic WordPress themes or HTML pages that do not adhere to the published web standards and guidelines.

Learn more about web hosting at NMSU

Website Hosting Exceptions

We understand that there are occasional situations where exceptions to the web governance structure is required and full adherence to this policy could delay business critical initiatives or could increase costs.
These need to be assessed on a case
bycase basis. 
If you are hosting a service on campus that requires continuous access from off campus, e.g. a website or web application. Please review the Website Hosting Request Exception Process and complete the Website Hosting Exception form. 

Types of exception 

The following scenarios are examples of typical web hosting exception requests: 

  • The need to host public-facing web servers outside the Cascade CMS system 
  • In exceptional cases where the work of NMSU researchers require persistent network connections between NMSU and off-site resources, 
  • Special interactive and transactional sites where specifically where persistent connections are required.

Please note all exceptions are carefully screened to prevent unnecessary exceptions, which create cyber threat vulnerabilities and/or fraudulent activities.