WEVO is a resource that provides reliable user insights leveraging human-augmentied AI with significatnly less effort than typical user resaerch studies.

WEVO provides experienced researchers, as well as people who do research, a professional-level and reliable platform for evaluative testing and insight that’s easy to use. WEVO uses a hig-N participant panel, automates recruitment, and offers a proven methodology including scoring and benchmarking by industry and product. Common use case examples include:

  • Multi-step experience flow - Where are the pain points in a multi-step flow (e.g. sign-up, apply for a program, etc.)

  • A/B test compare (Competitor or pre-live) - How do users assess your page versus a new design(s) or competitors' design(s)? Or, how do your competitors perform against each other? (Test up to six designs)

  • Messaging and copy testing - Does the messaging resonate with users? Is the messaging clear?

  • Navigation/usability - What are the pain points in the navigation of your experience? What makes it hard to move forward (e.g. can't find a button)?

  • Information architecture - Can users easily find information they need?

  • Benefits/value assessment - users feel that the value proposition and benefits resonate?

Rearch Methodology

WEVO uses a combination of AI and expert supported reseach to provide results with a 14 day or less turnaround. Participant's are recruited from a pool of 30 million people and use statistically significant sampling, experience scoring and benchmarked data to pinpoint user issues. Results include a combination of quantiative and qualitative data. 

Each test includes a dashboard of digestible and actionable set of in-depth insights from the quantitative and qualitative data collected in your survey; including a sumarry of the critical themes that arise in the data, as well as highlights the areas of possible improvement. In addition, you can use the interactive dashboard to view sentiment heat maps and custom sort and filter options to take a deeper dive into qualitative results. 

WEVO Test Process

Setting up a test in WEVO is easy. You decide on the audience and what you want to test. WEVO will take care of the rest. Participants will be recruited that match your ideal audience demographics. After around 120 participants complete the test, WEVO will use AI and user experience experts to analyze test results and provide insights. When analysis is complete, you will recieve a final report. The report can be shared with an interactive dashboard or downloaded. 


User Research Comparision 


Interested in using WEVO?

Please contact us and we'd be happy to spend some time discussing your user research goals and set up a time with our WEVO partner to demo the platform and help design your test.